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ORGANIZATION – The Blue Ridge Numismatic Association, Inc. shall by its own Action be known as a Regional Organization. It invites all worthy persons of good character, who have a sincere interest in the subject of Numismatics, whether they collect coins, paper moneys or medals, or those generally interested in the subject without being collectors.

The Association was founded in 1960, as a State Organization which very quickly grew into a large membership, and in its second year was invited to accept several Coin Clubs in adjoining states to its membership. Consequently, individuals and club’s participation has grown to one of the largest Numismatic Organization. It is an incorporated body, having been granted a Charter by the State of South Carolina, and is purely a mutual organization, organized for the benefit of its members.

OBJECTIVES – Its objectives are to encourage and promote the science of Numismatics by the acquirement and study of coins, paper money, and medals; to cultivate fraternal relations among collectors and kindred organizations in the United States, to acquire and disperse numismatic knowledge; to form and maintain a cabinet of numismatic literature for the use and benefit of its members and to demonstrate the fact that numismatics is an educational, serious and entertaining pursuit; and generally to represent coin collecting interest as a Regional Organization.

ADVANTAGES – To be a member is to have fraternal affiliations with numismatic students and collectors of the world, to know their addresses and collecting specialty, and to have the honor of serving strangers with references as an entrée with dealers and collectors. Members receive free of all charges the publications of the Association.

CONVENTIONS – Conventions of the Blue Ridge Numismatic Association, Inc. are held annually, and are sources of intellectual profit to all who attend. Every member is entitled to a voice in these gatherings. The business sessions are devoted to the serious side of numismatics, while the recesses afford opportunities for banquets, smokers, excursions, and other forms of entertainment and for personal acquaintance with coin collectors from all parts of the United States and Canada. The Blue Ridge Numismatic Association, Inc. shall by its own Action be known splendid exhibits of numismatic specimens at these conventions have become notable features of these gatherings. These exhibits are open to the public.

Applications – shall be accompanied by an admission fee of $10.00.

Applicants – should be at least 18 years of age; except minors, under the age of 18, who may apply for Junior Membership.

All applications shall be published in the Blue Ridge Coin News. If no objections are received within 30 days from the date of publication, the applicant is admitted. A membership card is issued for the BRNA Fiscal Year which ends on July 31st. Members wishing to pay more than one year’s dues at one time may do so by paying direct to the Secretary only.

Applications – (b) Any Club, Society, Associations, Corporations, Museums, Archives, Public Library or School shall be eligible for associate membership provided the applicant be approved by the General Secretary. Any application made under this subsection shall be accompanied by a copy of the Constitution and By-Laws of the said applicants unless this requirement is specifically waived by the Secretary. All applicants of the above and kindred organizations must be accompanied by $25 dollars to cover one year’s dues.



The idea and need for a State Organization was conceived by Grady C. Sizemore, Sr. in early 1960, after talking to many leaders in and out of the state of South Carolina about the organization of a Numismatic Society. A meeting was held at the Poinsett Hotel in Greenville, S.C., in March of 1960 with about 26 people attending. After two hours of discussion of pros and cons, little was accomplished. The meeting was adjourned with no definite plans to follow. Still in pursuance of a State Organization the Palmetto Coin Club in Columbia was invited to participate in the Organization of which Judge Bryan H. Lumpkin (now deceased) and Mr. Eugene D. Taylor was chosen as delegates to the next meeting, which was set up for June 1960, at the Cotton Club; Greer, S.C. where 62 interested Numismatist gathered. Dr. Conway A. Bolt and Judge Bryan H. Lumpkin gave short talks on what organizations of this kind could mean to advance Numismatics in this area. Nominations for officers were made and the following were elected:

President                                              J. L. Jones; Greer, S.C.
First Vice President                               Eugene D. Taylor; Columbia, S.C.

Second Vice President                           John C. Edwards; Camden, S.C.

General Secretary                                  Grady C. Sizemore; Greenville, S.C.

Treasurer                                              Edwin W. Gresham; Spartanburg, S.C.


The Blue Ridge Numismatic Association name was adopted, and suggestions were made to incorporate as soon as possible.



The Blue Ridge Numismatic Association, Inc. in order to best effectuate the objects and purposes set forth in the Charter granted to it by the state of South Carolina does hereby adopt the following By- Laws and regulations.


MEMBERS – Eligibility and Privileges

Section 1 – The membership of this Association shall consist of Regular Members, Club Members, Junior Members, Life Members, Associate Members and Honorary Members. Memberships are not transferable from one person to another.

Section 2 – All members except Junior, Associate, and Honorary Members shall be entitled to all the privileges of the association, including the right to vote, hold offices and receive the official publications of the Association.
(a) Junior Members may not hold office.
(b) Associate and Honorary Members shall not have voting privileges nor be eligible to hold

Section 3 – Regular Members shall be any individual of good moral character 18 years of age or over.

(a) Junior Members shall be any individual who has not reached the age of 18.
(b) The membership number of a Junior Member shall be preceded by the letter “J”. Upon reaching the age 18 years old, and the said Junior Member shall automatically become a Regular Member and entitled to all the privileges thereof.

Section 4 – Club members shall be any Club, Society, Association, Company; Corporation, Museum, Archives, Public library or School shall be eligible for associate membership provided the application be accompanied by $25.00 admission fee and be approved by the Secretary.

(a) A Club membership may have only one vote through its club representative at all BRNA meetings.
(b) Representative must be a regular member in good standing or be approved by the Board of Governors.

Section 5 – Associate Members shall be an immediate family member or spouse of a regular member in good standing. Should the principal regular membership be terminated for any reason; the associate membership upon expiration will not be renewed per se unless it is as a regular member.

  • The membership number of an Associate Member shall be preceded by the letter “A”.

Section 6 – Life membership shall be granted to any individual who has been Regular Member of the association, and provided the application therefore be approved by the Board of Governors.

(a) The Board of Governors may confer life membership or honorary membership at any special or called meeting.
(b) Honorary membership may be conferred on any individual or organization who has rendered the Association or the science of numismatics a particular service or is considered deserving of the distinctive title of Honorary Member.
(c) Life and Honorary membership are exempt from all dues and assessments. Applications for Life or Honorary membership may be submitted only by two or more members in good standing.


MEMBERSHIP – Applications Admission, and Dues

Section 1 – Application to become a member of the Association shall be in writing and in such form and under such conditions as the Board of Governors shall prescribe.

Section 2 – The names of the new members or reinstated members shall be published by the Secretary in the official newsletter. If no written objections to such admission be received within 30 days after publication of said application, then the applicant shall be admitted on the first day of the succeeding month.

Section 3 – If written and timely objections to such admission be received by the Secretary, he shall refer the same to the President, who shall thereupon advise the applicant of the nature of the objection and request an answer thereto. When this has been received the President shall forward all the available information to the Board of Governors for their consideration and action. The Board may either accept or reject such application and in either case notify the Secretary of their decision.

(a) In case the application is rejected, the advance payment for all dues shall be returned to the applicant.
(b) Provisions by the Board of Governors shall be made for members to pay direct to the Secretary a fixed amount in advance to cover a five-year period in lieu of yearly dues.
(c) Dues are as follows:

Regular Members are $10.00 per year
Club Members are $25.00 per year
Junior Members are $3.00 per year
Associate Members are $3.00 per year
Life membership a onetime fee of $200.

Life membership a onetime fee of $150 for 55 years of age or older

Section 4 –Annual dues shall be payable to the Secretary in advance on August 1st of each year. Any member who fails to pay his dues by October 1st shall stand suspended and be deprived of any of the Association benefits and privileges for three months.


(a) Any member suspended for non-payment of dues or who has resigned, may be reinstated upon payment of the current year’s dues plus $3, and provided no charges are pending against him and in such case only if the charges are withdrawn or dismissed.


MEMBER – Resignation, Suspension and Expulsion

Section 1 – No member shall be permitted to resign from the Association while he is indebted to it in any manner or while charges are pending against the member.

Section 2 – Any member who fails to pay his dues as required, shall stand suspended and be deprived of all the Association benefits and privileges.

(a) The names of those individuals suspended for non-payment of dues shall be published in the Organization newsletter by the Secretary.

Section 3 – Whenever written charges are brought against any member of conduct prejudicial to the welfare of the Association, such charges shall be signed by the person making them. The identity of the person making such charges shall not be made known, except to the Board of Governors. Such charges with particulars thereof shall be filed with the President, who shall thereupon furnish the accused member with a written copy thereof. The accused member shall be afforded a reasonable opportunity to enter a written defense to such charges. The matter shall then be referred to the Board of Governors which shall determine the case under such rules and regulations as it may adopt. The Board may dismiss charges, or it may censure, suspend or expel the accused member. Until the final decision of the Board the accused member shall continue in good standing.



Section 1 – The elected officers of the Association shall be: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and a Board of Six Governors.

(a) No member shall be eligible for election as President or Vice President unless he shall first be elected and served at least one term as a member of the Board of Governors, Treasurer, or Secretary’s post.
(b) BRNA Officers & Members of the Board of Governors shall be members in Good standing of the BRNA.

Section 2 – The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association. With the approval of the Board of Governors he shall appoint all regular and special committee members, except those appointed by the Secretary for Convention help. He/she shall sign all non-routine or extra ordinary warrants drawn on the treasury by the Treasurer of the Association. He/she shall execute on behalf of the Association, when authorized by the Board of Governors, all contracts, deeds, and other legal instruments. He/she shall be a member of the Board of Governors, and ex-officio member of all committees.

Section 3 – The Vice President shall preside during the absence of the Presidents and in the event of the President’s death or resignation. The Vice President shall automatically become the President until the next regular election of officers occurs. He/she shall be a member of the Board of Governors. His/her main duty shall be to assist the President in any duties assigned to him and promotion of membership in the Association.

Section 4 – The Secretary shall keep an accurate and permanent record of all proceedings of the Association and Board of Governors, conduct all correspondence of the Association and of the Board of Governors. He/she shall have custody of the official seal, if any, and of all official documents; keep the records of all members, collect all dues, accept all money derived from any source, assign permanent numbers, issue membership cards, and receipts; countersign, register, and attest documents signed by the President. The membership record shall be complete in the application including admission, death, resignation, expulsion, and reinstatement. The Secretary shall receive and file all applications for membership, together with all data he may receive in connection therewith at each annual meeting, and at special meetings. When so requested; he/she shall prepare and present a general report of the condition of the Association, together with a complete financial statement of the transactions of his office for the membership year. He shall be a member of the Board of Governors; and shall prepare and distribute a directory of members when directed to do so by the Board.

Section 5 – The Treasurer shall receive and take charge of all money, property, and securities of the Association not assigned by these By-Laws to other officers of the Association. He/she shall account for all money, showing all receipts and disbursements and balances on hand. He/she shall pay out money for all routine expenditures. The Treasurer presents all non-routine and extraordinary expenditures to the Organization President for review and approval prior to making payment. He/she shall present a complete financial statement of all transactions of his office for the calendar year, or at other times, if call upon by the Board of Governors. He/she shall deposit all money in a bank designated by the Board, and in the name of the Association. At the discretion of the Board, he/she may be required to give bond for the faithful conduct of his office, the safeguarding of the Association funds. The bond premium will be paid by the Association. The Treasurer shall be a member of the Board of Governors.

Section 6 – A Board of Governors consisting of six elected members, the President, the Vice President, the Secretary, the Treasurer, shall be the general administrative body of the Association, and shall be subject to such definite orders and instructions as shall be given by meetings of the Association. The Board may be convened in session by the President or by the majority of the Board for the transaction of business or for special matters as may be specified in the call for the meeting. The Board shall meet at least four times per year, and a complete an accurate, permanent record of all its proceedings be made by a Secretary.

(a) Election of members to fill vacancies in any elective office, except that of President; and to appoint a temporary Secretary or Treasurer in the event either of such elected officers shall become incapacitated or otherwise unable to properly discharge the duties of said respective office.
(b) Decide on the time and place for holding Conventions.
(c) Prescribe the form of membership applications and official ballots.
(d) Rule on disposition of formal charges brought against a member.
(e) Rule on the admission of an applicant who objections are raised.
(f) Appoint an Advertising Manager, an editor of the official news, and a Historian
(g) Fix the compensation of any officer if deemed advisable if and when money is available.
(h) Fix the dues of Regular Members, Associate Members, and Junior Members. Confer
Honorary and Life Membership on qualified members.
(i) Remove from office any elected or appointed officer who does not or cannot meet the
requirements of his office.

Section 7 – A Convention Chairman/Coordinator shall be appointed by the Association president. The Convention Chairman/Coordinator shall submit to the Board Governors places, plans, contracts, and general information with his recommendations for the Annual Conventions; he/she shall in effect be responsible to the Board for coordination all committees in the promotion of the Conventions. He/she also shall act as public relations officer for the Association. He/she must submit an estimated cost for the Annual Convention to the budget committee each year in time for the Board of Governors to approve or reject at the January meeting. He/she shall also be member of the Board of Governors.


Section 1 – The President shall, in 1966 not later than March 1st and each year thereafter, issue a call for nominations for the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, three members of the Board of Governors for a one-year term, three for a two-year term, thereafter three members of the Board of Governors shall be nominated each year for a two-year term. This directive shall appear in the March issue of the Blue Ridge Journal. Such nominations may be made by any member in good standing.

Section 2 – All nominations shall be in writing and shall be sent to the General Secretary, who shall immediately write to the respective nominees, notifying each of them of such nominations and requesting his acceptance in writing.

Section 3 – Upon receipt of such nominations, the Secretary shall cause them to be published in the Blue Ridge Coin Journal with the action of the nominees thereon. Nominations shall close 60 days prior to the opening date of the Convention. The official ballot shall contain only those nominations that have been accepted in writing. The Secretary shall obtain and publish in that issue of the News, which appears the list of those who accepted nominations to office. A brief biography of each such nominee, not exceeding 100 words, which shall include a record of his services to the Association or to numismatics.

Section 4 – Immediately thereafter, the Secretary shall cause all accepted nominations to be printed on an official ballot and mail a copy thereof to each member entitled to receive them together with an envelope marked official ballot and a return-addressed envelope.

Section 5 – The envelopes containing the executed ballots shall be retained by the Secretary unopened and shall be delivered to the chairman of the Election Committee on the first day of the Annual Convention.

Section 6 – In case there are no nominations for any office, nominations may be made therefore until noon of the second business day of the Convention, provided the written acceptance of the nominee is filed with the Secretary immediately thereafter.

Section 7 – The polls shall close at noon of the second business day of the Convention. The canvass of the ballots shall be conducted by an Election Committee. Excepting for a contingency arising pursuant to the Section 6 of this article, only official ballots may be counted.

Section 8 – All of the officers referred to in Article IV, will assume their duties at the last session of the Annual Convention at which an election is held and will hold office until their successors have been duly elected and installed.

Section 9 – Each officer, at the expiration of his term of office, shall deliver to his successor all books, papers, money or other property of the Association in his possession. He/she shall not be relieved of his bond or obligation until this requirement has been complied with.


Section 1 – An Editor of the official news shall be appointed by the Board of Governors annually and at such other times as the office may become vacant. The duties of the editor shall be to provide suitable material on numismatic subjects for publication in the Blue Ridge Journal. He may, with the approval of the Board of Governors appoint such associate editors as may be necessary.

Section 2 – An Advertising Manager of the news shall be selected by the Association President and approved by the Board of Governors. The duties of the Advertising Manager shall be to supervise all matters relating advertising in the BRNA Journal.

Section 3 – Division into club or geographical districts may be made by the Board of Governors. For each of these districts or clubs the President may appoint a club or district representative whose duties within his respective geographic area or club shall be:

(a) To disseminate numismatic information and to do everything practicable to promote the general interest in numismatics.
(b) To keep informed regarding members and collectors, and matters of numismatic interest in his respective territory.
(c) To encourage new collectors, endeavor to procure new members and aid in the formation of local numismatic organizations.
(d) To investigate such disputes as may be referred to him by the President and report his findings to him.
(e) To render to the President reports of his activities as requested and at least once a year.

Section 4 – The duties of the Historian shall be:

(a) To keep in safe custody and good order all library books, papers, etc. which the Association has or may acquire.
(b) To compile and keep an accurate catalogue of all material coming into his charges with the price thereof if acquired by purchase, or the name of the donor if acquired by gift.
(c) To afford access to such material and loan the same to members of the Associations under rules and regulations adopted by the Board of Governors.


Section 1 – The Association shall meet in Convention once every year, at such time and place as may be decided upon by the Board of Governors. The time and place thereof shall be announced by the President in at least three issues of the official news published prior to said convention. Other official meetings of the Association may be called by the President at sponsored coin shows with the approval of the Board.

Section 2 – All meeting shall be conducted according to Roberts Rules of Order.

Section 3 – A quorum for the transaction of business at such convention shall consist of eleven members present in person; of whom three shall be elected officers and four shall be members of the Board of Governors. As soon as it shall be expedient to do so, the President shall each year appoint.

(a) A committee on Credentials, of not less than three members whose duty shall be to invite members and others to furnish papers and other articles to be considered for publication in the Coin News. Also to report the presence of a quorum at the first business meeting of the Convention.
(b) An Election Committee of not less than three members whose duty shall be to canvass the official ballots cast and report the results thereof at the opening of the last business meeting of the Convention.
(c) A Resolutions Committee of not less than three members whose duty shall be to consider all matters referred to it and report thereon as soon as convenient.
(d) An Auditing Committee of not less than three members whose duty shall be to audit such reports and accounts as may be referred to it and report thereon as soon as convenient. The Board of Governors may retain a certified public accountant or firm of public accountants to aid the auditing committee in its work.


Section 1 – No officer, committee or member shall incur any expense in the name of the Association except with the authorization or approval of the Board of Governors.

Section 2 – Reproductions of the Association’s seal shall be used for no other than official stationery and official publications except with the authorization or approval of the Board of Governors.

Section 3 – The fiscal year of the Association shall be from January 1st to December 31st.

Section 4 – These By-Laws may be appended or altered at a called meeting of the Board of Governors and by a two thirds majority of the entire Board.


Section 1 – In the event that it should be necessary or desired to dissolve the organization known as the Blue Ridge Numismatic Association; the assets of the organization shall be liquidated; all financial obligations and debts discharged to the satisfaction of the creditors; and all remaining monies shall be disbursed as prescribed below.

(a) The method of liquidation of assets shall be the most advantageous to the organization as deemed by the Board of Governors.
(b) Disbursement of remaining funds shall be:

  1. 25 percent shall be given to the Numismatic Department of the Smithsonian for the preservation and display of our country’s numismatic heritage.
    b.  50 percent shall be divided equally among and given to the numismatic
    clubs/societies that are members of the BRNAQ.
    c. 25 percent shall be given to that trust fund/organization whose goals and objectives best fit the spirit for which the BRNA was established to educate and promote the science and study of numismatics. The Board of Governors shall select the fund/organization to receive these funds.

Adopted on and effective from August 1965:


Grady Sizemore

George Todd

Jeff Stewart
Adopted on and effective from March 28, 1998.

Committee: Jerry Wysong, LM 224